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Christmas, Don't be a Mean One
I hope everyone had, not only a had a great Christmas, but a fantastic year over all. I know that might be hard to say for some, but I take comfort in knowing that everything happens for a reason, and that includes good and bad things.

Anyways, for Christmas this year, I bought myself a new graphics tablet (The Huion WH1409 to be exact) and I tested it out by drawing this cute mashup of Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Grinch since I was listening to "Christmas Don't be Late" and "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" all day yesterday. Enjoy! And what did you guys get for Christmas?
And I'm talking about THIS TWEET right here

Before I get into this, if you want to know about all of the controversies surrounding the Fant4stic film and a quick rundown of the FF films as a whole/FOX’s relationship with Marvel-Disney, watch this video
Also, be sure to check out Chris Stuckmann’s review on this movie. It’s hilarious. 


I don’t usually post super negative or Debby-Downer posts on DA, but I need to let off some steam about this whole Fant4stic movie drama that’s been going on. Cuz that’s what nerds with lots of free time on their hands do. 

How I Personally Feel About this “Movie” In General
Now, I have read numerous reviews about this movie and while I am not going to see it in theaters, I did read the plot on Wikipedia and other sites that helped fill in the blanks and yes, Fant4stic IS that bad. But this isn’t a review. No, this what I think about Josh Trank’s response to all of the negative criticisms critics and fans have been giving him about this movie. 

Tr4nk Under 4ttack
Now concerning this tweet (which has since been deleted from his Twitter account) he would have us believe that if he had his own way, Fant4stic would’ve been an amazing film that critics and fans would’ve loved, but FOX’s meddling is what caused this film to become the jumbled up mess that it became. Here is where I take issue with how Mr. Trank here handled this situation. Even if what he is saying is true, what good is there in telling us this? What’s the point in getting us thinking about a movie that never got made when all that’s occupying our minds is how awful this movie is? Do you intend to release a directors cut of all the nonexistent footage you shot? Do you have a way of showing us the DVD or Blu ray from the parallel dimension where you made this film you claim is better? How does dumping all of the blame on FOX lessen the blow that this film collectively dealt to us? 

Here’s the Problem
You know what this sounds like to me? This sounds like when you’re doing a group project for your class and you don’t get the grade you wanted so you tell your teacher that it’s your teammates’ fault that the project wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, hoping that you’ll get sympathy points from them so you can make yourself look better and get that B- you wanted. Well I hate to break it to you, Trank, but this isn’t English Lit class! Unless the FOX executives physically forced you to make this movie, then you need to share the blame for how badly this movie turned out because you had a hand in this too. There is no way that you are completely without fault here because last time I checked, your treatment of the story from the very beginning was bad too! Do I need to remind you all of Victor Domashev, the online blogger/hacker whose online handle was “Doom” ? 

In Conclusion
Even if FOX meddled, and that’s a BIG if considering all the evidence that points to Trank essentially having a nervous breakdown on set, whining about how they messed up this film before your film is even released in theaters just seems very immature and careless. Instead of trying to get sympathy points before your film is even released to the general public, take the hate like a man, get out of the spotlight for a few weeks, and come back and talk about what really happened behind the scenes and confirm or deny all that we’ve heard. Don’t expect people to go easy on you just because you claim that the big bad movie execs were mean to you. Because, honestly, moviegoers will not care. They’ll go into the theater, watch this movie, and walk out and judge everyone who was involved in it without thinking about any other outside forces that allegedly affected the film. If Trank thinks he can pander to us as lazily as the Fant4stic trailers have been pandering to moviegoers, then maybe he had more to do with this film’s failure than he’d care to admit. 


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